Thursday, January 29, 2009

John Martyn - May You Never

John Martyn - Solid Air - Visuals National Geographic


My Icons are dying (part ?)

Farewell John Martyn

May you never.

I will never forget seeing you in "the band in the wall" in Manchester in the early '80's.

Introduced to you by Chris Mascall, in the '70's via his brother "nock"

I feel quite old.

Friday, January 23, 2009

SOS? - Steve On Stilletos of course!


(its' all in a good cause)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Drink to my Horse!

Kimmy, the love of my life, the fulfiller of my dreams, bought me a little gem for christmas.

Long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, I copied a C90 tape from Stuart Hammond aka "the great Hammondo/mini eggs" of a bizarre session recorded for The fun loving Johnny Plee, by a frantic Indie band "The Wedding Present". I rediscovered this recently, when chatting to Paul in work about music/mp3's/ ipods & 'ting. I dug the tape out, lent it to paul, and on its return, played it to the distraction of anyone in the house who would listen to it.

I tried in vain to buy the CD on E-Bay, but after failing several times, I gave up. There the matter rested until Christmas morning, when lo and behold, Guess what Father Christmas brought?

I think I shall play it in ICT lesson 2 tomorrow!

Some of the band who worked on the sessions later founded The Ukrainians and unbeknown to them, gave me the title for this peice, borrowed from one of their singles. Great name.

Friday, January 16, 2009

House of Babel

I'm amazed by Dylan.

The night before last, he announced that He wanted to learn Greek, and insisted that I got our Greek phrase book off the shelf. He duly too this to bed, and I left him pondering the pronunciation of "yassu" and "kalinekta".

Last night he decided to learn French, but was disappointed to find that we only had a French dictionary, not a phrase book. However, he was placated a little when we found "bonjour".
I woke him this morning and noticed three books in his bed, alongside his pillow - his reading book, and the two language books. I hope he doesn't notice that the next book on the shelf is a Catalan phrasebook.

This episode was sparked off by Daniel's homework, for which he had to complete a word search of Welsh words. Ashamedly we could not find a Welsh dictionary in the house

Saturday, January 10, 2009

What's my nationality?

An extract from the Wiki on Alfred_Russel_Wallace:-

"Since Wallace was born in Monmouthshire, Wales, some sources have considered him to be Welsh.[7] However some historians have questioned this because neither of his parents were Welsh, his family only briefly lived in Monmouthshire, the Welsh people Wallace knew in his childhood considered him to be English, and because Wallace himself seems to have consistently referred to himself as English rather than Welsh. One Wallace scholar has stated that because of these facts the most reasonable interpretation was that he was an Englishman born in Wales."

This reminds me of the sort of conversations we have with Dan, who was born in Swansea, his father is English, his mother is Welsh with maternal Grandparents both born in England. Actually, his Grandfather was born from Welsh parents, who happened to be living in Bristol at the time, and his Grandmother, born in Folkstone, lived there for 21 years, but lived in Swansea for 52 years. I could go on to say that his Gran was descended from Irish and Dutch stock, but I won't.

No wonder he is confused! He feels he should support his Dad, an Englishman in Wales, (living with a Welsh teacher, Mother of Rhodri & Hannah), but when pushed, claims to support Scotland.

I guess it all goes to show what twaddle Nationality is.