Friday, August 22, 2008

My future career?

From the Beeb:-

Poor earning virtual gaming gold
Screenshot from World of Warcraft, Blizzard
Players in World of Warcraft acquire gold by fighting - or buying it illicitly

Nearly half a million people are employed in developing countries earning virtual goods in online games to sell to players, a study has found.

Research by Manchester University shows that the practice, known as gold-farming, is growing rapidly.

Researchers say the industry, which is largely based in China, currently employs about 400,000 young people who earn £80 per month on average.

Games companies have attempted to crack down on the practice.

Players in the popular online game World of Warcraft acquire virtual gold by fighting monsters and completing quests.

Alternatively, some simply buy it from a fast-growing workforce employed to play this and other games.

Manchester University says the young people, described in the study as "playbourers", sell gold or other virtual goods, despite the practice being against the rules of many online games.

However, the report's authors say an industry which connects cash-rich time-poor players with those willing to work long hours for little reward is likely to go on growing.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Chris Howell ready to play part in teaching revolution

TESconnect has launched

Report by Craig Kind


Top UK teacher Chris Howell is ready to play a key role as the British teaching community embraces its bright and buoyant future. One giant cyber-leap for teachers everywhere, the new social network and resource sharing platform for teachers, TESconnect, is set to radically change the educational landscape. An impassioned source at TES said the following:
"Hundreds of teachers and everyone here at TES have worked tirelessly to get TESconnect to where it is now, but more importantly, our efforts would all amount to nothing were it not for people like Chris and countless others. There are over 500,000 teachers being brought together in ways that were never before possible, until now. We’re connecting to each other and sharing tried-and-tested lesson plans between teachers who are hundreds of miles apart. Offering each other experience, inspiration and advice — all in an instant. The good that will come of this, for teachers, is potentially limitless."
Fellow TES members are particularly thrilled at the prospect of connecting to and hearing some of Chris ’s own resources and ideas.
In an interview, one member told us:
"Chris has been doing some really good things up to now, so I’m looking forward to


comparing notes and sharing ideas and resources. Teaching can often feel extremely classroom-centric, so connecting with teachers like Chris and their ideas breathes new life into your own approach. In short, the more the merrier!"
With the start of the new school year just around the corner, the launch couldn’t have come at a better time. And with the new platform already in place, Chris should take no time whatsoever settling in.
No doubt there will be many more positive headlines to come.
Be a part of something amazing. Click here for an introduction to TESconnect.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008