Sunday, August 11, 2013

The lie that is Las Vegas and Conservatism

Here I am, sitting in room 20071, on the 20th floor of Treasure Island hotel, in the middle of the strip in Las Vegas. It`s 4 am Vegas time, and I`m wide awake. Being here has perhaps partially answered a question I have long been at odds with. Why do working class people vote Tory. I think it maybe the same reason that some people come to Vegas. I'm sure many gamblers have a deep seated belief that they are special, and more lucky/deserving than the next guy, and will therefore win more money, and working class Tory voters will do better out of right wing golitical changes, than him. The stark reality that they are not is the reason that big business wins in both cases.

People genuinely believe that they will end up better off in both scenarios, and ignore the fact that not everyone can 'win'. Big businesses reap the profits.