Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Drink to my Horse!

Kimmy, the love of my life, the fulfiller of my dreams, bought me a little gem for christmas.

Long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, I copied a C90 tape from Stuart Hammond aka "the great Hammondo/mini eggs" of a bizarre session recorded for The fun loving Johnny Plee, by a frantic Indie band "The Wedding Present". I rediscovered this recently, when chatting to Paul in work about music/mp3's/ ipods & 'ting. I dug the tape out, lent it to paul, and on its return, played it to the distraction of anyone in the house who would listen to it.

I tried in vain to buy the CD on E-Bay, but after failing several times, I gave up. There the matter rested until Christmas morning, when lo and behold, Guess what Father Christmas brought?

I think I shall play it in ICT lesson 2 tomorrow!

Some of the band who worked on the sessions later founded The Ukrainians and unbeknown to them, gave me the title for this peice, borrowed from one of their singles. Great name.


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