Friday, January 16, 2009

House of Babel

I'm amazed by Dylan.

The night before last, he announced that He wanted to learn Greek, and insisted that I got our Greek phrase book off the shelf. He duly too this to bed, and I left him pondering the pronunciation of "yassu" and "kalinekta".

Last night he decided to learn French, but was disappointed to find that we only had a French dictionary, not a phrase book. However, he was placated a little when we found "bonjour".
I woke him this morning and noticed three books in his bed, alongside his pillow - his reading book, and the two language books. I hope he doesn't notice that the next book on the shelf is a Catalan phrasebook.

This episode was sparked off by Daniel's homework, for which he had to complete a word search of Welsh words. Ashamedly we could not find a Welsh dictionary in the house


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