Monday, September 28, 2009


According to Uncyclopedia:-

Heaven is really the sky or a Midget infested porno, but it often refers to a tropical country behind the Orion Nebula that's too bright to see. Heaven is home to approximately 6,078 beings. 45.7% of the population is angels, 34.4% dogs (all dogs go there), 19.9% seraphim (.1% being Sephiroth), 2.0% Unitarians, and .016% Supreme Beings. Politically, Heaven has been allied with the nation of Israel, Palestine, George W. Bush and the Catholic Church, but recently Heaven has broken off communications with all political bodies and is in a state of isolationism similar to Switzerland's. In addition, it is now confirmed that last spot in heaven has been taken, and its borders have been closed for an indefinite period of time. It is an enemy of Hell (population 67,594,941,662,544 as of noon EST, February 19, 2008).

As well as the main religious heaven there is also the Atheist Heaven of which the actual population is around 9 million but the official population is 0, as no one who lives there actually believes that they still exist, there for, they would eventually turn to dust.


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