Friday, September 04, 2009

All Sins Jesus Died for Used Up

All Sins Jesus Died for Used Up

From Uncyclopedia News:-

1 September 2009

Died once, rose once, T-shirt got!

Vatican City - The Vatican struck fear into the core of the apple Earth today when it confirmed that all the sins Jesus Christ had died for have been used up by a trespass-hungry Earth. The Pope himself mumbled the announcement to a shocked and all too naked, gyrating crowd stating that the 'died for all our sins' guarantee wording had an asterisk next to it for a reason and that 'terms and conditions always applied'

Thumb faced downwards to emulate stern judging of much missed Old Testament God
Many blame over-population as a major contributing factor to the forgiveness burn-up - with 6 billion souls pumping out misbehaviour from every orifice - Heather Mills being singled out for particular criticism.


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