Wednesday, November 01, 2006

More Uni Madness

Dear Colleagues and Students,

You are very warmly invited to the following Research Seminar this week in the English Department, which will include video and sound illustration.

Steve Vine
(English Department)
Department of English
Seminar in Literature, Theory and Culture

Wednesday 18 October

Debi Withers

will talk on
Kate Bush and the Reclamation of the Red Shoes

Room 216, Keir Hardie Building,

Debi Withers studied for first degree in the English Department at Swansea, and for her MA in the Centre for Critical and Cultural Theory, Cardiff University. She is currently researching her doctoral thesis on the career, music and lyrics of Kate Bush, provisionally entitled, "Kate Bush: Invocations, Performances and Transformations of the Feminine Subject". Debi's work draws on critical theory and musicology to understand the cultural significance of Kate Bush's career, and uses feminist, queer and postcolonial cultural studies to consider how Kate Bush's output illuminates pressing issues in contemporary society, history and culture. Her talk will include film, music video and sound illustration.



Blogger Nick said...

In the words of Ms Bush herself, "Wow! wow! wow! wow! wow! wow! unbelievable!
Wow! wow! wow! wow! wow! wow! unbelievable"

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