Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bobbin' Apples - How to ressurect an iPod

Bobbin' Apples - How to ressurect an iPod touch

I'm amazed!

Kimmy washed Dyl's iPod at 40 deg C on the "Synthetic" cycle. It died.

I googled how to repair a washed iPod, and was advised to dry it off as well as I could, DON'T SWITCH IT ON, and then put it in a bed of rice. Rice is hydrophillic, and will draw out the remaining moisture. I was sceptical.

I did this, 2 days later, I tried it, and it switched on. 2 more days in the rice, and the screen looked better, but the battery status still said empty - it ran on mains power, but looked at the bottom of it's charge level. 1 more day in the rice, and the battery had come back to life! It showed full charge, and works without the mains supply!

So I now have a live iPod, with a slightly blotchy screen, but have saved throwing it away.


Blogger Nick said...

This is incredible. If only rice could fix nuclear reactors.

9:59 am  
Blogger chris said...

update: one more week in the rice and the screen is as good as new.

6:20 pm  

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