Saturday, November 17, 2007

Talking B*****ks (Hitler's)

As a typical example of a saturday morning conversation in our 'ouse - this is the flavour of today's subjects:

We started off talking about a cheat for The Sims called 'rosebud'. This lead on to discussing Citizen Kane which Grum described as 'iconoclastic', which then lead on to a discussion of the meaning of the term. Then we found a clip of the 'rosebud' opening scene on YouTube, and then Kimmy found Hearst Castle (which 'appears' in the film) info on wiki. Then whilst having breakfast (eggs!) there was a discussion about one egg or two eggs, which in German is einei which lead on to discussing the quantity and quality of Adolf Hitler's testicles, which again lead to a wiki search where we found an article entitled Hitler has only got one ball. As we were then having our 2nd cup of coffee this morning - Hari commented that she doesn't like the smell of coffee, Kim then mentioned that she'd been drinking coffee since she was a child in the form of Camp coffee. Another wiki search bore out her assumption that this was an Imperial preparation consumed in military camps - this then prompted a search on Google images for a photo of the bottle! During this search, we ended up on an American website selling British goods in the US, and noticed that you can get Cadbury's dairy milk stateside via this site. Hari was intrigued to know why anyone would want to get this chocolate in the States, as 'didn't they have any of their own'. Kim then explained that American chocolate was different to ours, and was yuck! The only chocolate that came close was Ghiradelli - made in San Francisco - and that she'd been to the factory in SF. This again brought us back to the pc, and a search for Ghiradelli's website........


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