Saturday, October 20, 2007

Rugby World Cup 2007

Oh what fun has been had! A truly superb competition with thrills, spills, and fabulous rugby all the way. From the opening night upset of Amazing Argentina beating a lacklustre host France, to the Superb spectacle of rugby, the Bronze Medal match which in spite of being heralded as "the match no-one wants to play", turned out to be a real corker. Some superb running rugby by the Pumas, with a festival of tries, and the amazing sight of Sea-Bass Chabal, the French "impact" phenomenon being knocked backwards & stunned by a full back half his size. Talk about Hwyl! I cannot praise the Argies enough. Surely now they have proved they deserve their world ranking of 4th, and must be admitted to a major tournament. I hope it will be the 7 Nations, although I worry about how Wales can compete with them.

And so to the spectacle of a reborn Engeerlaand meeting the rampaging Bok's in the final. Can the Captain Cat and his crew keep the cheetah racer out of their box?

Watch this space.


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