Friday, August 10, 2007

Pub, Pub, Pub..........

The story of the holiday for me was a small tale of castle building. The kids disappeared for a while, and when we looked, three castles had been built. Ben went to investigate. When he got to Dan's he asked what the various parts of the castle were, and was told earnestly, a keep, a motte and bailey, three farms, a school, and a church. (see piccie above). He then quizzed Owen to tell him ablut his castle. Owen replied a castle for the soldiers, some towers, and a football field.

Ben then turned to Dylan's effort, which consisted of six little piles of sand dumped in a random fashion. On asking what this was, he was told:-

Pub, pub, pub, pub, pub, and training centre.

Oh, how we laughed!

(ps. training centre = Swansea college's sports hall, where Dylan recently had his 6th birthday party)


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