Friday, December 15, 2006

Lipotes vexillifer

So, farewell then
Lipotes vexillifer
you managed
200 million years
up the yangtsee

It took us 2000 years
to make you extinct

keith's mum
you are really
up the yangtsee now
is that why
you look so sad

(after) E. J. Thribb (17½)


Blogger Nick said...

We love the Yangtse Yangtse Kiang
Flowing from YushuDown to Ching Kiang
Passing though Chung King, Wuhan and Hoo Kow
3000 miles,but it gets there somehow

Oh! Szechuan's the province
and Shanghai is the port

And Yangtse is the river
that we all support

2:49 pm  
Blogger chris said...

aaaaaahhh the python of my youth..

8:22 pm  

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