Thursday, December 07, 2006

El Groupo Libros

After a fantastic meeting at Nick's (of A Welsh Born Icon fame) the other weekend, we are starting to gather our thoughts on the set books for our little coterie's next meet.

You can read the lists of our initial top books, and all the books set so far Here

David has submitted:

This thing of Darkness by Harry Thomson

I've come over all pretentious (come over, I hear you say?), and plumped for:

The Unquiet Grave by Palinurus (Cyril Connolly)

remember the Python sketch? Eric the half a bee - "I love him Cyril Connolly" ?

Rob recommends

A Country Doctor's Notebook by Mikhail Bulgakov

Nick's is, of course,


and perhaps post these to A Welsh Born Icon so that he gets a cut when we order them?
(spooky - I've just noticed that nick has already done it!)


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