Friday, July 02, 2010

Please sign if you think 20% VAT hits the poorest

From Harriet Harman:-

Dear Chris,

You must be as angry as I am about the effect on the country of the Tory-Lib Dem Budget.

The spending and tax decisions taken by David Cameron and Nick Clegg are cutting 1.2 million jobs, raising VAT to 20 per cent and abandoning Labour’s plans to invest for growth and economic recovery - reckless policies that we warned about in the election and that the Tories and Lib Dems denied.

Today I am asking you to get directly involved in opposing the Budget and campaigning to get the 57 Lib-Dem MPs to vote against the unfair increase in VAT to 20%. Please sign our online petition and ask your friends to sign up too.

Labour's MPs are going to make sure that the House of Commons has a full debate and a vote on the VAT increase. That crucial vote will happen later this month.

Labour councillors – especially in areas where there is a Lib Dem MP – will be tabling a motion for their council backing local people, pensioners, community groups, businesses and charities who will be hit by the increase and calling on their local MPs to vote against the VAT increase when it comes before Parliament.

Today I am asking you to add your voice to the campaign to persuade Lib-Dem MPs to vote against the VAT increase, by writing to them, writing to your local papers, and signing our online petition.

The VAT increase is unfair – especially for pensioners. Lib Dem MPs were elected fighting against a Tory VAT bombshell. Surely they can’t vote for it now. Let’s make them think again and keep their election promise.

25,000 new members have joined the Labour Party since the general election – including many former Lib Dem supporters. With our new members joining our team Labour is energised, mobilised and fighting back.

This is the party’s first major campaign since the election and we can make a difference, so get involved and fight for fairness - just click here.




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