Monday, August 27, 2007


Today was the day I rediscovered that I'm pants with the silicone gun, but red hot with the Black & Decker Smartdriver (every man NEEDS one). How on earth people ever managed to assemble flat pack furniture without one of these little beauties, I shall never know. Suffice to say they must have had sore wrists by the end. A shelf unit and a blanket box later and my chest is heaving with pride.

The Mission of the weekend has been to get the house to a tip-top saleable condition, so that when our buyer eventually decides to come and have a look, he/she will be unable to stop stumping up the full asking price, in readies, forthwith. Kim & Hari have been veritable cleaning dervishes, spinning through the house in a blur, cleaning all that comes in their way.

As much as I can understand the attraction of DIY for some people, the next time I shall propose GSE (get someone else) :)


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