Sunday, January 21, 2007

Shark Boy, Lava Girl & Chicken Tikka Massala

Last night, our usual Curry House had a queue out of the door, and onto the pavement, so we drove on to our second choice, The Lal Qila.
Dylan insisted on taking in his newly acquired The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl DVD and while we waited for them to cook our food (and hour and 20 mins!!!), the waiter saw him clutching the film and offered to play the DVD on the restaurant's player. What the take-away customers, and those waiting for a table on a busy Saturday, made of this screening, I shall never know.

About 30 mins into the show, Dylan left the table to go to the loo, pausing by the bar to politely request that the film be 'put on pause'. We were mortified at his cheekiness, but luckily the staff and nearby customers thought that it was hilarious! 3 minutes later he emerged from the loo, paused to request that the film be started again and sat down to continue watching the film......
The lads that work in the Lal Qila are a lovely bunch, and always make a fuss of the kids when we take them - which is probably more than is considered decent! Dylan loves his Chicken Tikka Massala which he calls Red Chicken curry - he is certainly his father's son.


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