Saturday, September 23, 2006

A chat on the bus, continued

Coming back from Glan-Llyn this friday, I had an interesting chat with Martin Lloyd about the origins of the Basque language. as I posted celts and basques blood-brothers? earlier.

He felt that it seemed to have a Scandinavian feel to it, containing lots of t's, k's, and z's. I took up the idea, theorising that perhaps the Norsemen had ventured even further south than Normandy, and influenced the North West coast of Spain?

In another case of syncronicity, my Newsgator RSS feed threw up the following : -

prospect magazine

Everything you know about British and Irish ancestry is wrong. Our ancestors were Basques, not Celts. The Celts were not wiped out by the Anglo-Saxons, in fact neither had much impact on the genetic stock of these islands

Stephen Oppenheimer

read more here

Maybe it's time to review all our established ideas about the spread of culture in Europe, with the help of modern scientific tools such as DNA analysis. I am amazed by the lack of knowledge about what really happened in these places, only 2000 years ago.

Now it looks as if the Basques were the precursors of the Celts, the same people, but with changing languages?


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